Here's how acoustic panels help to improve your home office

Here's how acoustic panels help to improve your home office

Working from home is fast becoming the norm for most workplaces these days. That’s why you should set up a conducive home office to boost your productivity levels.

Redecorating your home office is more than just getting new ornaments or purchasing a new coffee machine to give you an extra caffeine boost. It’s also about creating an environment to help you focus better on your tasks.

In this article, we’ll be discussing how acoustic panels can help to increase your productivity at home, and create the perfect workspace for all your WFH days!

Why should you redesign your home office?

Unlike office spaces, homes in Singapore are not typically designed to increase your productivity levels for work. Working from home only became common practice because of the pandemic. Prior to that, most of us were working from our offices. 

At the office, the walls are sound proof and rooms are set up to encourage focus, privacy, or facilitate meetings. At home, things are quite different.

If you have children at home or are staying with other members of your family, you’ll find that it takes more effort to stay in focus. It’s easy to get distracted by your neighbours new karaoke machine, or your kids playing music too loudly in the next room.

How acoustic panels help to improve your home office environment


  • Noise reduction
  • Acoustic panels help to reduce unwanted noise especially if you’re living in a close knitted HDB estates. Our acoustic panels are made from sound absorbing materials such as Assemble PET and Wood Wool. 

    Here’s how acoustic panels work:

    When sound is released into an environment, these sound waves travel until it meets resistance at any surface it comes into contact with. When sound waves meet acoustic panels, the materials of these panels help to absorb these sound waves by reducing its energy from bouncing around the room.

    Do note that sound reduction is different from sound proofing solutions. Acoustic panels are designed to help reduce overall noise but are not designed to create a sound proof room. 

    They are noise reduction solutions that are both affordable and suitable for home office spaces to improve your overall productivity. 


  • Creates separation
  • If your home office is part of a shared room, having a stand alone acoustic panel can help to create some level of separation. Not everyone has the luxury to dedicate a room in the house for their home office. Many of our “home office(s)” are situated in our bedrooms. 

    Our bedrooms are where we sleep, relax and unwind. Using this space for work might be a little challenging because it takes conscious effort to go into “work mode” in the comfort of our bedrooms.

    Having acoustic panels help to carve out a workspace in the limited area of our home. It functions as a noise reduction solution and also helps to create separation in our shared environment. 


  • Create visual appeal
  • Ever wanted a clean, sleek backdrop for your zoom calls? Acoustic panels aren’t just functional—they serve as decorative elements too!

    Our acoustic panels are easily customisable and are designed to suit your needs. No matter the colour of your walls or home furnishings, we work hard to come up with the best acoustic solutions that fit perfectly into your environment. 

    With your new acoustic panels in place, you don’t need to blur your backdrop or worry about how messy your room looks when you’re in a virtual meeting. 

    From studios to office spaces and homes, we’ve worked with a wide range of clients to come up with the most fitting acoustic solutions for their spaces. If you’re not sure which designs to go with, feel free to browse through our library to designs to get inspiration!


    Invest in a conducive WFH environment

    WFH is rapidly becoming the norm. And that’s why it makes sense to invest in your WFH environment. 

    Improving your workspace not only helps with your productivity, it also translates to improved performance. After all, you want to show that you can turn up as your best self at home, just as much as you do in the office. 

    Want to level up your home office? Speak to our experienced experts to learn how you can incorporate acoustic panels in your home!